1979・・・born in Nishinomiya Hyogo Japan

2016・・・start promoting for As One Co., Ltd.

・first solo exhibition「Love me」

・exhibit deagu art fair in KOREA

・exhibit Affordable art fair in Singapore

・produce the cosmetics with Meiko Co.,Ltd.

2017・・・second solo exhibition 「summer trip」

・unknown Asia 2017 art fair in Osaka

・unknown Asia Extra at Daibiru

・design a charity Tshirt for Osaka Marathon

・exhibit group exhibition in Ginza「Outsiders」

2018・・・exhibit group exhibition in Ginza「presence-存在-」

・exhibit 「Automobile Council2018」produced by Kawata gallery

・Unknown Asia 2018 art fair in Osaka

2019・・・ Unknown Asia 2019 art fair in Osaka


☆2020 Unknown Asia☆

CODIV-19 changed our life completely and 2020 has put the entire world in a confusion.

The one-month lockdown period was a precious time for me to look inside myself as an artist, who also usually work as a corporate sales person. During this period,  I can swap the ratio of usage of my ‘Sales person brain’ and ‘Artist brain’ and this allowed me to think about so many various things and spend time to create new art works.
I created 2 themes this time as below.

1 – ‘For the people’
What can I do for the world & people, big or small? What can I do as an artist? And I strongly feel I want to contribute through my art works.
I came up with the composition and vision which would be directly connected to 334 projects, which I am planning to work on after 2021 and now I started working to make it happen. (I will announce this at the different occasion)
2 – ‘look inside of yourself’
I decided to take a journey to look into myself in the past. ‘Journey’ in the lockdown doesn’t mean the physical travel, so it’s actually a ‘journey’ in my head, looking back the past and reflect. This leads to the theme of this exhibition – ‘Go To Time Travel’. [1]
You travel to the past and feel things and people that influenced you, and virtually experience them all over again and create art works through this ‘journey’.
At this ‘Unknown Asia’ exhibition, I will show you the art works which I felt the most amusing era in my time travel which is 1992-1994.
The internet was not yet a big thing back then, and still TV and paper magazines were playing important roles to provide information. I was in a junior high school between 1992-1994, started buying the magazines and comics with my own pocket money, got information
from them and felt the connection with the society and made a first step to become independent.
Especially the magazines such as ‘POPEYE’, ‘HotDog’ and ‘Playboy’ were our bibles and it’s not too much to say that I grew up together with them. There were not much strict regulations back then and their contents were beyond the current socially acceptable level, and that makes them very interesting and excites me even now.
Also I tried to express ‘the longing for sex’ which is an inevitable sense during the adolescence. The sexual topics which were often featured in ‘POPEYE’ or ‘HotDog’ had a big impact to the young boys and I wanted to bring that huge energy into my art works.
The biggest porn magazine at that time called ‘Derabeppin’ (means ‘very beautiful lady’) had a lot of dirty business advertisement and their catchy punch lines were cleverly designed and reflect the feel of the generation so I tried to recreate that feel into my art works too.
I collaged the pages from these magazines and lined the cut-outs, covered with the net structured resin, solvent and cell with the intension to seal the feel of the time where I saw during my ‘Go To Time Travel’.
I focused to express and create intuitively following my heart this time and here I am with some wisdom and experiences going back to 25 years ago and see what happened at that time objectively. I hope we can share the 'Go To Time Travel' experience through my art works.
[1]The Japanese government has created the “GoToTravel” campaign to stimulate the economy in response to COVID-19.
The purpose is to stimulate industries such as hospitality and travel which currently face difficulties.

the name ‘Go To Time Travel’ is a pun. If you can't currently travel, why not travel virtually to the past ?